We’re Moving

March 17, 2023 | Melissa Pohl | Blog | Leave a Comment

We’re Moving!

Our little family has been handed an absolute dream of an opportunity. We are moving to Canada. With a heavy heart we are saying goodbye to our family, our friends, our valued clients and our beautiful home in South Africa. 

I come from a family of globetrotters. I was 6 when I flew on an intercontinental flight for the very first time. In 2000 my parents upped their lives in Germany and moved us half way across the world to South Africa. I was just 10 years old. I have never known a different life, to live in one house, one city or one country your entire life. Suffice to say, moving around was my normal. I made friends, built relationships and careers in country after country ever since I became an independent adult, though one country stuck. One country remained home, until now.

How did I get started on my journey as a dog photographer and where is our new life taking us?

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