Why so few images?

I have been scratching my head on how to convey my purpose in photography to all of you interested in my work. Why do I release so few images? 

The answer is relatively simple – I don’t sell simple pictures. But sure, I am still a photographer after all, so what’s the deal? Let me explain.

Pictures can be classified as snapshots. It is an image that exists from a push of a button. I don’t want to sell you something that you can very easily create at home. If this were the case I could easily give you all the images of a session. You can sort through them yourself, duplicates, out of focus and unflattering, save the ones you really like and forget about the rest.

What kind of service would that be to you, my client who has paid for this session and expects professional quality images? What good will a CD with an entire photo session be if it is never to be viewed again. And even if it is viewed again, your eyes will always linger on your favorites. You may send these images to family members, you may upload one of two of these favorites onto your social media, you may even have a canvas printed. If this is what will happen a few months from your shoot anyway, why not let me do that work for you? It will allow me to transform it into something much more!

More than just a snapshot

I want to give you a photograph that will ignite an emotion in you. The kind of emotion you feel when you look into your pet’s beautiful eyes and remember how much you love them as part of your family. I want to present you with what is classified as Fine Art Photography.

It doesn’t really have a definition of its own, except that it is the end product of a specific vision. I create my photographs as carefully as I would a painting. I often spend hours on a single image, creating the perfect portrait of your beloved pet, to eventually hang onto the wall in your house. It will never be overlooked or forgotten again. And because hours of work are invested into this single photograph, you can imagine how much work it would take to transform hundreds of images the same way. You still get to choose your images! But they will be transformed into more than just a snapshot.

It’s a trade off that’s worth it.

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