Border Collie Collindar Mini Sessions

Border Collie Collindar Mini Sessions There is a special spot in my heart for all animals needing rescue. All of my pets come from shelters. We adopted Toffee from the Garden Route SPCA and later my crazy four legged friend, Sheila from Outdshoorn Dogs in Need (ODIN). And just very recently we had little Oliver join our home. I like to volunteer my time to photograph the animals in the shelter’s care to help them find their forever homes. This year I decided to do something special for another local rescue close to my heart: Border Collie Rescue SA, who is celebrating their 25th anniversary...

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Why so few images?

I have been scratching my head on how to convey my purpose in photography to all of you interested in my work. Why do I release so few images?  The answer is relatively simple – I don’t sell simple pictures. But sure, I am still a photographer after all, so what’s the deal? Let me explain.

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