• Artistic Pet Imagery

    by Melissa Pohl



My name is Melissa, and I am absolutely crazy about pet portraits. I am a pet photographer based in the Garden Route of South Africa and want to capture your pet’s unique personality for you!

I take great care in creating colors and moods to complement your pets unique nature and often add a dash of magic to transform it into a captivating piece of art in your living room.
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    To photograph is to paint with light

    My pet ​​portraits exist of dreamy landscapes and beautiful soft light. I strive towards capturing your pet’s character, creating a look into their soul and transporting these magical beings into a world of fascinating landscapes.

Melissa Pohl, pet photographer in Garden Route, South Africa

Dogs and Cats have always had a special place in my heart. I love working with animals, especially learning to better communicate with them and to train them. I take a great interest in every animal placed in front of my lens, and will always try to bring out their unique personality while keeping your furry friends comfortable and happy throughout their session.

I believe this is key to producing some of the most natural and unique images, just as unique as your pet himself.

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