I’m Melissa

My passion lies in pet and travel photography.

I was born in Germany but have spent most of my years in South Africa. I ventured into the world of photography during my Bachelor of Arts studies in Digital Film Making in Europe, and have had a passion for it ever since. In 2017 we adopted our rescue dog Sheila from Oudtshoorn Dogs in Need. She has been my inspiration and sidekick ever since, and was the reason for me to change direction and focus on pet photography exclusively. I currently reside and operate in the beautiful Garden Route in South Africa but rejoice in occasional travels around the globe.

If you have any questions or would just like to get to know me I would love to hear from you!

My Philosophy

I believe photos should capture the real spirit of a person and animal. I like to capture the full spectrum of a personality; the playful, the amusing, the gentle, the bright and the beautiful.

I believe this is key to producing some of the most natural and unique images, just as unique as your pet himself.

My Approach

Pet photography is more than a simple genre to me. It is my calling. I have extensive knowledge in pet behaviour and training, which enables me to communicate with your furry friends on the right level to keep them comfortable and happy throughout their session. 

We use positive reinforcement exclusively, and rely heavily on rewards with treats or toys that will help settle even the most nervous of characters. Their session will seem as one big game to them. 

My Style

I am driven to create a unique vision instead of just a photograph.

I take great care in creating colors and moods to complement your pets unique nature and often add a dash of magic to transform it into a captivating piece of art in your living room.

Your Photographs

Photography enables me to turn a quiet moment into a magical memory, and it is my passion to create that memory for you, to make it last forever. 

I want you to be able to treasure these photos through the decades. To take home a tangible memory that you can look at every day instead of forget about on a computer hard-drive.  If you go through the time to have beautiful photos taken, I want to encourage you to take the extra step to showcase it in your home. 

Tales By Night

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