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Mini Sessions

Some photographs are best shared! Be part of a group of participants receiving 30 minute mini sessions at a pre-determined location featuring a very special theme. These offers are only available for a limited amount of time and cannot be booked through my normal booking process the rest of the year.

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    Love the color!

  • Disc

    Be the superstar!

  • Water

    Splash and dive!

  • Flying

    For dogs who want to fly!

dog running in water

What’s included?

30min time slot
3 Professionally Edited Digital Images
All props, locations and extras

Max 1 dog per booking.

For multiple dogs please book multiple slots. 

Currently Available!


Mini: “Powder Dogs”

Fancy a touch of colour? We use non-toxic, bio-degradable, high quality coloured powders in a well ventilated area. Add some colour into your world!

7 October 2023
Canine Development and Testing, Calgary

Bookings now open. Only 12 slots available!


$175 + GST

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