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Author: Melissa Pohl

Becoming an accredited Dog Photography Master

Becoming an accredited Dog Photography Master Having been in the photography business for more than half a decade, I have only ever learned the absolute basics during my bachelor of Arts studies in Germany many years ago. However, even in the world of the arts we should always strive to continue to learn and grow in our profession.  This year I decided to invest into a program to further my knowledge. A program that is specifically oriented towards dog photography. 

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Dogs in Action Workshop Cape Town 2022

Dogs in Action – Cape Town 2022 For the first time ever we managed to get international dog photography master Claudio Piccoli down to our little neck of the woods in sunny South Africa to do a photography workshop. What a privilege and absolute pleasure it was to have had the opportunity to host this event last month. Claudio Piccoli has been one of my idols in dog photography ever since I started taking up this passion of dog photography. This past year he has been my mentor, motivator and friend and I finally had the opportunity to meet and work with him in this beautiful country I...

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