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Becoming an accredited Dog Photography Master

Having been in the photography business for more than half a decade, I have only ever learned the absolute basics during my bachelor of Arts studies in Germany many years ago. However, even in the world of the arts we should always strive to continue to learn and grow in our profession. 

This year I decided to invest into a program to further my knowledge. A program that is specifically oriented towards dog photography. 

I’m Stuck

As photographers we often experiences feelings of doubt. Where we are feeling uncertain in the quality of our work, our choice of editing and in our skills out in the field. I was stuck. I generally wasn’t very happy with my images and was baffled on how to reignite my passion. Turning to Google out of desperation lead me to an article. It pointed out a possible solution to a creative feeling stuck. The proposed ticket out of a creative slump was to take a class. 

It was incredibly convenient timing, as a newsletter from one of my favourite photographers in the world appeared in my inbox. “Become a Dog Photography Master !”, it read. Well, this was certainly a nudge from the universe I wasn’t going to ignore. Sign me up!

The Dog Photography Masterclass

Dog Photography Masters is an online platform dedicated exclusively to dog photography. It’s run by 3 (in my humble opinion) of the world’s first and best dog photographers in the world. Anne Geier, Claudio Piccoli and Audrey Bellot. It covers a comprehensive list of topics ranging from shooting to editing and even covering some aspects needed to run a successful photography business. 

Anne, Claudio and Audrey are pioneers in the dog photography genre we know today. They have shaped the very path every dog photographer aims to follow and with this masterclass they enabled just that. I was in heaven. Not only was I going to be able to learn from these amazing photographers, but I would get to interact with them. As well as other fellow photography students from around the world. It was incredibly uplifting!

My Goal

One of the main reasons I signed up for this class was to improve my editing workflow. Pet photography has been something of a European speciality. It had seemingly gone viral among photographers and pet owners for the unique style. Featuring dreamy soft tones and colourful landscapes. My goal was to perfect my editing to reach this look, and the masterclass was going to help me achieve that.  

An additional bonus to taking part in this masterclass was meeting Claudio. By getting to know him I had the privilege of hosting South Africa’s first Dogs in Action Photography Workshop in Cape Town this year. This was the highlight of my year and I believe helped me achieve even higher highs. This was especially true for my action photos. With my newfound knowledge I was able to capture my very first frisbee dog, which is one of my most popular shots of my career. 

As of today, December 5th 2022, I can proudly state that I have passed the final exam of the Dog Photography Master class and have earned my Level 3 badge. What a joy to finally be counted as a Dog Photography Master! 

“Knowledge has a beginning but no end” – Geeta Iyengar

To my Teachers

To Anne, Audrey and Claudio. Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart. I cannot express in words how you have helped me with my confidence and my outlook in photography. I am grateful to have met you, and hope to meet with you again.


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