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Border Collie Rescue Collindar Mini Sessions

There is a special spot in my heart for all animals needing rescue. All of my pets come from shelters. We adopted Toffee from the Garden Route SPCA and later my crazy four legged friend, Sheila from Outdshoorn Dogs in Need (ODIN). And just very recently we had little Oliver join our home. I like to volunteer my time to photograph the animals in the shelter’s care to help them find their forever homes.

This year I decided to do something special for another local rescue close to my heart: Border Collie Rescue SA, who is celebrating their 25th anniversary next year!

Border Collie Rescue SA

Border Collie Rescue (BCR) have opened their doors in 1997. To date they have re-homed over 8000 Border Collies nationwide.

Not only do they rescue neglected and unwanted Border Collies from unsuitable homes, volunteers ensure that they are placed with new owners who are capable of dealing with the challenges and demands of living with such an active and intelligent breed.

Their goals are to raise awareness and educate the public about the specific needs of Border Collies, to provide counselling and referral services to Border Collie owners and to rehabilitate the abandoned and abused.

To achieve all of these goals, the need for fundraising is big. One such project is their annual BCR Collindar (Collie Calendar), featuring Border Collies from all across South Africa. This is where I chose to help.

BCR Collindar 2022

What could be better than photographing a Border Collie in the woods? Photographing 25 Border Collie’s in the woods!

I have been helping Border Collie Rescue fill their wonderful calendars for some time now. Unfortunately, I haven’t had many images to enter for their newest calendar as the pandemic has put a damper on my photoshoots. To boost morale and put a smile on a few faces, I chose to dedicate a whole day of mini sessions to Border Collie owners in the Garden Route. The aim: to capture 25 dogs for 25 years of rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing.

I had an absolute blast with this series. Even though each and every dog on this day carried the Border Collie gene, their unique personalities carried through to each individual image.

All images taken on this day were entered for consideration into the BCR Collindar 2022. Which image do you think will make it in? Make sure to get your paws on one to find out!


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